PGF Series Planetary Gear Reducer


Planetary gear reducer is also called planetary gearbox, planetary gear, planetary gearbox, planetary gear transmission, planetary reducer, or servo reducer.

In the reducer family, planetary reducers are widely used in transmission systems such as servo motors, stepper motors, and DC motors due to their small size, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range, and high precision.

Its function is to reduce the speed, increase the torque, and reduce the load/motor moment of inertia ratio under the premise of ensuring accurate transmission.

The main transmission structure of the planetary gear reducer is planetary gear, sun gear, ring gear, and planet carrier.

Due to the structure of the planetary reducer, the minimum single-stage reduction ratio is 2.8, and the maximum generally does not exceed 12.5. Common reduction ratios are 3/4/5/6/8/10. The number of stages of the reducer generally does not exceed 3, but some have larger stages. The reduction ratio customized reducer has 4 stages of reduction. Compared with other reducers, the planetary reducer has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision (single stage can be completed within 1 minute), high transmission efficiency (single stage 97%-98%), high torque/volume ratio, life-long maintenance, etc. – Free features.

Due to these characteristics, planetary reducers are mostly installed on stepper motors and servo motors to reduce speed, increase torque, and match inertia. The rated input speed of the planetary reducer can reach up to 18,000 rpm (it is related to the size of the reducer itself, the larger the reducer, the smaller the rated input speed). The working temperature is generally around -25°C to 100°C, which can be changed by changing the grease. Operating temperature.

Precision planetary gearboxes are equipped with servo motors, so the level of backlash (minutes of arc) is very important. The prices of different clearance grades vary widely. The planetary gearbox can be connected with multiple gearboxes, and the maximum reduction ratio can reach 100,000 grades.