Planetary Gearheads

As a professional manufacturer of precision planetary gearboxes, EPT Automation has specialized in the production of high-precision planetary gearboxes for more than 10 years. EPT planetary reducer has a variety of flange options and output and input shaft sizes, which can match different brands of servo motors on the market, and can also support stepper motors.


What Are the Characteristics of the Planetary Reducer?

• Low backlash, meeting users’ precision transmission requirements
• 95% high-efficiency planetary gearbox ensures excellent performance of user equipment
• High quality, maintenance-free
• Greatly reduced inertia and vibration
• Specially designed overall structure, can withstand greater radial and axial loads
• Low noise and small size
• Wide variety of models and gear ratio options

Ept Planetary Gearbox Precision Grade:

EPT planetary gearbox has three-level precision,
Ultra-Precise Accuracy/Gap: P0
Precision accuracy/clearance: P1
Standard accuracy/clearance: P2
The minimum backlash is less than 1 arcmin.

Available Reduction Ratios:

EPT offers two-stage planetary gearboxes,
L1 (Level 1) includes ratios 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10
L2 (two levels) includes ratios 12,15,20,25,30,35,40,50,70,90,100
Users can choose the ratio according to their needs.

Application of Ept High Precision Planetary Reducer

EPT high-precision planetary reducer is the perfect solution for increasing torque and steering in servo motor and stepper motor applications, widely used in the aviation industry, aerospace, ship, radar, submarine, food machinery, medical machinery, pipe bending machine, polishing machine, papermaking equipment, solar energy equipment, packaging equipment, CNC cutting machine, automotive equipment, reciprocating machine, engraving machine, woodworking machinery, aluminum curtain door and window equipment, injection molding machine, circuit board equipment, glass equipment, experimental equipment, coating machine, precision testing Instruments, university research institutes, etc.

How Do I Choose the Correct Model for My Device?

EPT provides 3 ways to choose the right model for customers,
A. Select the planetary reducer according to the motor brand
B. Select planetary gearbox according to motor size
C. Select the planetary gear reducer according to the application
For detailed selection information, please contact our technical sales staff.